Oxygen Gas Plant

Oxygen plants are industrial systems designed to generate oxygen. They typically use air as a feedstock and separate it from other components of air using pressure swing absorption or membrane separation techniques.

We are providing following  PSA  Oxygen Plant-

1 Industrial oxygen Generator

2 Medical Oxygen Generator


PSA Oxygen generators are suitable for flows from 1 nm3/hr to 200 nm3/hr. For higher flows, we recommend VPSA oxygen generators.


Purity up to 95% is easily achievable by PSA Oxygen Generator, with balance mostly being a mix of inert gases such as nitrogen and argon. While this purity is suitable for many applications such as water purification, furnace enrichment, it may not be suitable for applications where 99% purity is a must.


Our PSA  Oxygen Generator can deliver oxygen directly at 5 kg/cm2g pressure without an additional booster, making is suitable for most applications. If higher pressure is required by customer process or for storage, then we supply an additional booster.


Our PSA Oxygen Plant deliver very dry gas, with dew point as low as (-) 40°C. We also offer measuring instruments for online detection of gas dryness.

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