An air dryer is a system or piece of equipment that is used to remove moisture present in the air, particularly compressed air. Ambient air typically has a relative humidity of around 30 to 50%. Compressing air packs higher quantities of moisture in a small volume. This increases the relative humidity to 100% while the excess moisture that cannot be held condenses.

An air dryer is an essential component of compressed air systems. Moisture and condensation are an inevitable by-product of air compression. Water can condense and accumulate within the compressor unit and also to the equipment and processes downstream. An air dryers. having many more advantages.

Following are some types in which we deals with –

  1. Heat less Type Air Dryers

A heat less compressed air dryer is the simplest form of gas or air dryer for achieving a dew point of -40o C or better for compressed air systems and other gas and air dryer applications.

  1. Heat of Compression Type Air Dryers

In Heat of Compression Type Air Dryers, directly from Air compressor discharge is taken to Air dryer inlet through insulated pipelines, at 120o C (minimum) temperature.

  1. Heat Reactivated Type Air Dryers

Heat Reactivated Type Air Dryers are used when one needs compressed air of very low Dew point of (-) 60°C or (-) 80°C.

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