Exo Gas Generators

Exo Gas Generators are designed to produce cover gases for a variety of applications from use as a non-oxidizing atmosphere in the heat treating of bright metals, such as aluminum and copper, to providing a carbonizing atmosphere for some metals to simply providing an inert, explosion-proof environment. These cover gases are produced from the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. Although propane and natural gas are the most commonly used, virtually any combustible fuel, such as MAP gas or even liquid fuels, such as kerosene or fuel oil, can be used.

We are designing following two types of exo gas generators with ambient output having appropriate dew point .

  1. Lean Exo-Gas

Lean Exo-gas is produced by burning of fuels at slightly lower sub-stoichiometric combustion air to fuel ratio. This Exo-gas is lean in CO + H2 content. Lean Exo-gas generators are suitable for non-ferrous metals heat treatment.

  1. Rich Exo-Gas

Rich Exo-gas is produced by burning of fuel at high sub-stoichiometric combustion of air to fuel ratio. So the Exo-gas produced is rich in CO + H2 content. Rich Exo-gas generators are used for heat treatment of steel and also brazing and annealing applications.

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