Application Of Oxygen Gas Plant

In general people says that oxygen is key of human life. Apart from this Oxygen finds broad application in various technological processes and in almost all industry branches. The primary oxygen application is associated with its capability of sustaining burning process, and the powerful oxidant properties.

Due to that, oxygen has become widely used in the metal processing, welding, cutting and brazing processes. In the chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as in the oil and gas sector oxygen is used in commercial volumes as an oxidizer in Chemical reactions.

  • Metal gas welding, cutting and brazing – The use of oxygen in gas-flame operations, such as metal welding, cutting and brazing is one of the most significant and common applications of this gas. Oxygen allows generating high-temperature flame in welding torches thus ensuring high quality and speed of work performance.
  • Metal industry – Oxygen is heavily used in the metal industry where it helps to increase burning temperature by the production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and significantly improve the overall process efficiency.
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries – In the chemical and petrochemical industries, oxygen is widely used for oxidation of raw chemicals for recovery of nitric acid, ethylene oxide,propylene oxide, vinyl chloride  and other important chemical compounds.
  • Oil and gas industry – In the oil and gas industry, oxygen finds application as a means for viscosity improvement and enhancement of oil-and-gas flow properties . Oxygen is also used for boosting production capacity of oil cracking plants, efficiency of high-octane components processing, as well as for the reduction of sulfuric deposits in refineries.
  • Fish farming – The use of oxygen in the fish forming  helps increase the survival and fertility ratios and reduce the incubation period. Along with fish culture, oxygen is applied for shrimps, crabs and mussels rearing.
  • Glass manufacture – In glass furnaces oxygen is effectively used for burning temperature increase and burning processes improvement.
  • Waste management – The use of oxygen in incinerators allows significantly increased flame temperatures and eventually ensures enhanced cost efficiency  and incinerator production capacity.

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