Feature of an Oxygen Generation Plant

Oxygen is an essential gas in the medical field, which is needed to keep many patients alive. Thus, all hospitals keep a good stock of oxygen to supply to their patients who are in critical health conditions. Oxygen is also needed in wastewater treatment, the paper industry, the chemical industry, the metallurgical industry, and the glass industry. KBS Air & Gas Engineering offers an oxygen generation plant that can smoothly meet all these requirements.

Uses an oxygen generation plant:

An oxygen generator can make matters much easier where a bulk quantity of oxygen is needed. KBS Air & Gas Engineering has provided all the necessary traits to make this device more convenient for users.

 Simple installation – KBS Air & Gas Engineering has designed the oxygen generator with simple features that make its installation easy for users. You can simply bring it to the site of production and follow the instructions given for its safe installation.

 Automated functions – This oxygen generator does not require extra manpower for its operation. It is fully automated to function continuously and produce oxygen, once it is switched on and until it is switched off.

● Zero risk of accidents – All the parts of the oxygen plant are secured against leakage so that no explosion can occur while the device is running.

Continuous production –The oxygen generator can produce pure oxygen continuously for 24 hours till it is switched off. However, the production may stop if the purity level of oxygen drops below 90%.

● Saves storage space – Since the oxygen generator of KBS Air & Gas Engineering has customised dimensions, it can be stored anywhere without covering too much floor space.

● High purity level – The oxygen produced from this generator is 93 – 96% pure. Thus, users do not need to worry about the impurities, like other gases and water vapor in the oxygen received from this device.

 Environment-friendly –As this oxygen plant does not emit any irritating sound or harmful gases, it is safe for the surrounding environment.

● Cost-effective –The reasonable price paid for the oxygen generator is justified by its high longevity and continuous production of pure oxygen. Thus, you can save the money needed for buying oxygen cylinders and transporting them to your site.

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